Teachers Day!

Dear Teacher,

This is from one of your unnoticed student who is secretly admiring your qualities. This pandemic has brought an unexpected turnaround to our daily routine clock of 24 hours. We dint had any chances to interact in person, chitchats, Good Mornings, Thank You’s, tours which were planned, the lunch hours, freshers day, cultural, outings all seems once in a blue moon. We of course missed all these but more importantly, we missed you as well!!

Probably, this pandemic has taught not only the students but also their families and the only engaging member remembering us throughout the journey. It is heart warming to see teachers help their student’s families who are battling these tough times, buying food and school books to the poor, arranging funds to sponsor their education, for working more than ten hours a day; You’re truly a chief architect.

Teaching is not easy, it doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen by magic where as it requires the investment of efforts, creative innovations, methodologies and experience of years. Every student’s dream and hopes are vested on your shoulders. Understanding , how heavy it is…

There is nothing we could repay for the good deeds you taught us this is the least we can do to say, For all the investments you did on us we assure you, we pay with interests in the form of discipline, ethics and values. Thank you, You remain our integral part of life.

Happy Teachers day!

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