Mar 15, 2019

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Pollachi Issue!!!

Beyond doubt, the Pollachi case is the most shocking and shameful sex scandal of recent times. To all the boys there, I am not ashamed to write about it instead you guys were the ones who forced me to write it. If you cannot protect a girl in your locality, then which girl will marry you and come with you throughout her life?? Remember a thing, if you think you can easily get over a girl, the so-called Male chauvinism should realise that you are also from a mother’s womb.


What is the case about?

Tightening the screws on a gang that allegedly sexually harassed and blackmailed a 19-year-old woman in Coimbatore district, police also booked four accused under the Goondas Act.

The four men had on February 12 allegedly tried to strip the woman inside a car near Pollachi and had shot a video of the act and blackmailed her using the visuals. Media reports, which claimed that the same gang had molested and blackmailed several other women, prompted political parties to demand a thorough a probe and tough punishment for the accused.

The case involves gang members, who used to befriend women on social media, would lure them to meet and then forcefully shoot obscene videos. One such video, allegedly uploaded by one of the accused, had gone viral on social media.

How You are going to react to it?

There was a lot of social outrage due to the gruesome incident. There were a lot of solidarity movements and protests. India has always been notorious for being unsafe for women, and this was the spark which ignited the fire of public outrage. The outrage was not restricted to Pollachi, the whole India had formed an opinion about TamilNadu.

A majority of the outrage poured out on social media. In contemporary times, with easy access to technology, the reactions on social media often reflect the mood and situation in the country. Simply posting for justice online with the hashtags #PollachiSexualAbuse and #ArrestPollachiRapist after the case came to light, will have nothing to do with it, unless you involve in it to take action.

Feminist and women’s movements gained momentum and incentive. The culprits were made an example of and condemned. Not just social, there were legal repercussions of the incident too. The government was being pressurised to make stricter laws regarding rape and dealing with juveniles committing heinous crimes.

There is no doubt that the fire within the people here is short-lived since it is obvious that the public outrage died in a few months, and with it, women’s issues took their usual place in the daily agenda.

India is known for a lot of things. The positive ones are its culture, diversity of religion, cricket prowess, beautiful scenic beauty. But often, a few incidents take place which makes these positive factors take a backseat in foreign, and even domestic public opinion. The Pollachi incident was the spark which ignited the fire of negative public opinion about TamilNadu

It highlighted how “beliefs that blame women for their victimization, in turn, provide legitimacy to violence against women”.

A lot of the talk now has been for a legal/constitutional fix to rape laws and changes to punishment for rape crimes in the penal code, which is a step towards solving the problem is not the main solution to the true problem.

While capital punishment to the four men condemned to the gallows might bring some measure of closure to the family of the victim, it is unlikely that it will make a dent to India’s shameful statistics on sexual violence.

Your response matters!

“Certain attitudinal change and change in the mindset is needed to respect women and to ensure gender justice,”

What are your views on this?