Final year Diaries!!

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My gang!!
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  1. Finding Yourself: This is the real power of college: it forces you to find yourself and ask yourself what you want to accomplish not only in the next four years but also in life. You see the point of education is not to fill our minds with useless facts, many of which we will never use again — as classes force us to do — but rather to inspire us to love learning, and more importantly to help us find what we’ll do with our time on our pale blue dot. It really doesn’t matter “where you go”; the experience will fundamentally be the same.
  2. Challenge Hard Situations: Now don’t get me wrong: college isn’t as rosy as I’ve painted it. Bad stuff happens, no matter all these problems, for some reason there is still hope. Everything is going to be all right. See, college puts you into this trance of safety and happiness — this trance that you’ll go home every night, you’ll work hard, you’ll have fun, you’ll graduate, and everything will work out at the end.
  3. Friends: College life is truly about friendship, and that is why it is depicted in so many of the movies. College puts a lot of pressure by exposing you to several tests, projects, presentations, job searches and many other things. But, what makes the ride easy is the presence of your friends. These set of friends will be like your second family who will get you through all your bad times, whether you had a bad break up or you got rejected by your dream company. These years teach you a lot about human behaviour when you realise who your true friends are and who you thought were your friends only to find out otherwise. It is true when they say that your college friends are friends for life because they are ones who will help you be who you are today and will even continue to make sure your further journey is smooth.
  4. GPA does matter: It’s personally I faced it. At the end of the day, this is indeed an engineering college and people expect certain things out of you. As much as you want to hear that it doesn’t matter, it does. I personally have lost many opportunities for internship and placements though I qualified all levels. However, the perception of what a ‘good’ number varies and is influenced by what your career goal is.
  5. It is NEVER the end: There is never an end, and at times like these is when your degree of perseverance is shown. During the end of my third year, the word ‘internship’ becomes a chant, and people start searching for it like it is the Philosopher’s Stone. You will feel like you are lost in a sea of sending emails, rejections and doing things you don’t want to. But it’s not the end. Fourth-year will hit you in the face with placements, projects and your semester exams. This is when most of you might buckle under pressure, and also when you shouldn’t. The same cycle of rejections, interviews and essays will happen repeatedly, and I myself fell into depression at times. However, you have to move on. This is when I would suggest you go for a trip alone, meet new people, learn more about yourself and come back with a sense of new beginning.
College Life…




An explorer looking forward to exploring the world! In the mean process, wishing to live a meaningful life.

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An explorer looking forward to exploring the world! In the mean process, wishing to live a meaningful life.

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